Patrick Oleson specializes in 3D color tattoos that look like they are popping off your skin.

He loves to tattoo living subjects like plants and animals, movie portraits, and almost anything sci-fi or fantasy.

Patrick is a classically trained fine artist who studied art and design at Iowa State University. He applied his fine art education to skin with a traditional in-shop tattoo apprenticeship.

He is a licensed professional tattoo artist currently tattooing at Omega Pont Tattoo Studio in Omaha, NE.

Custom Design

    Over the years Patrick has developed a unique process for creating custom one-of-a-kind tattoos for his clients.

    Patrick will go to lengths to get a stunning reference to start the tattoo.  He has been known to screenshot unique movie frames that have never been tattooed before.  Patrick is a semi-professional photographer and often uses his photos as references.  He might even render your design with his 3D software.

    Patrick will do whatever it takes to get the right starting point and you will get to see the design in full color before the tattoo is started so there are no surprises.

    Patrick puts so much time and effort into his work because he cares about his clients and he cares about quality art.  Anybody can get a cheap tattoo today but Patrick has catered to the clientele that wants the best.

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