The Lorax

Michaela really liked the message behind The Lorax.  “We need to preserve our resources and take responsibly.” 

Patrick loves to tattoo fictional characters in a 3D style.  Nobody wants a flat-looking tattoo.

Flower Skull

For this design Patrick went shopping at an art-craft store for artificial flowers.  He then created a still life, setup studio lights and took an original photo reference.  From that reference he enhanced it with photoshop until he had an amazingly detailed 3D photo reference.

Husky Sky

A father of 3 Huskies, Chris wanted his first and only tattoo to be a work of art.  Patrick chose to focus on one dog to symbolize them all.  The subject had to be sized large enough to get all the details right.  Chris brought in one of his huskies to be photographed by Patrick to be used as the main reference.  He added the Northern lights background to show the origin of the Husky breed.

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