Patrick's Tattoo Process


  •  The first step is to schedule a consultation to sit down for a few minutes and figure out the details.  At the end of the consultation most people pay the deposit.  It’s nonrefundable and will be credited towards the last payment.                                                        
  • After the consultation and after the deposit is paid you will be added to Patrick’s list of amazing and patient clients. The wait time between deposit and tattoo start is generally a few months.
  • Once your design is rendered, Patrick will contact you and ask you to come back into Omega Point to check out the design.  He does not email his original designs and you can not take a picture of it.  If you like the design, you can schedule the first session to get started.  If you don’t like it,  he will modify it.
  • During the consultation you will get a broad price range.  Once the design is finalized the price becomes more accurate.
  • Patrick’s rate is $100/hr.  The first session is to establish all the details and often takes 5-6 hrs.  Once the tattoo is transferred you can schedule sessions at your convenience (3 hour minimum).


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